Tuesday, August 10

five small obsessions

1. 'mountain man' by crash kings. after playing piano for all of my childhood, i  have developed this appreciation/tendency to love songs with a really great piano rock drive. the keyboard player in crash kings is the lead singer which gives all the more reason to love this song; so much love and lots of swoon over a guy belting out while rockin' chords. beacause of the fact the lead singer leads on a piano they get excessive brownie points from me. (although admittedly i don't like their other songs as much)

2. bon iver. anytime and anywhere i will always love you and especially 'for emma'.

3. big jumpers. cosy and snuggly on bitingly cold winter days. amusingly enough there is a blog on tumblr with snaps of girls in jumpers everywhere.

4. hot caffiene in the form of meltingly beautiful dark coffee; its what has been waking me up each morning. also - i swear there is something about men who barista. they seem to have developed this image of being so worldly and powerful, yet arty and articulate while working busily behind the counter in cafes.

5. lastly; food blogs, food shows, food, and food videos from this chef on youtube...

this is gooood:

this is halarious:

and if you watched the video above (the ultimate grilled cheese, so so so american and yet still so appealing)

aps xx

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