Saturday, September 11

Artist Delight 1

Wow! I've had a rather interesting day! Firstly my mum's gorgeous friend bought my a Pro Flickr account which has made me so excited and admittedly obsessed about photography and I don't even own my own camera! This morning I met Lady Hillary (Sir Ed's wife) and shook hands with the Governor General of New Zealand; high profile much? Then my lovely and stylish mother took me to afternoon tea at Floriditas, Cuba St...Yum! We had Mochas and delightful cupcakes...before I know it I'm going to turn into a person who wears a golden crown...Yikes! Note to self: you're leading a privileged life, never forget to give back to the World that gives so much to you.

Later we went to the Hamish McKay Gallery which is just off Cuba St. Mum re-introduced me to Hamish and he was fabulous, plus he gave me inspiration for this and 2 more blog posts on cool-artists-that-you-should-know-but-actually-don't. Hamish is a man of habits and told us that every Saturday he likes to go to the Gold Lounge in Reading Cinemas, pay $30.00 for one of those big reclining chairs and fall asleep in one during a movie. How utterly cool is that! Hamish also showed us this draw of absofrockinlutely exquisite rings, many with a subverted and/or ironic nature.

They are by this man called Karl Fritsch who actually just lives in a nearby suburb in Wellington. He uses the most glorious materials for rings and when you see them you seriously want to collect them all! You can see some on Fingers or just look at the pictures I have posted.
Approach beauty differently and create something new.


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