Monday, September 13

much love monday

(it's a stool and oh-so-cute!)

Today's 'Much Love Monday' post is about the love of artists and in particular Martino Gamper who is Italian and makes 'funny shaped furniture'. He seriously seems so cool and totally deserving as the central topic of this week's 'Much Love Monday'.

Click here for the source of a majority of these pictures and to find out more about this artist who likes to take the ordinary and make it...well weeeird (but weird like, "Man that slightly goth chick is so weird but secretly I think her style is so out-of-this-world-cool and I kinda wish I was her" etc etc). Keep enjoying your Monday...just imagine all the fabulous ways you could make a table or a chair!


P.S. Apparently on these posts I need a heart too so HERE YA GO hehe:

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