Thursday, August 8

beautiful moments

In the past month I have found myself in a friendship group filled with an array of fascinating people. The group consists of musicians, artists, students, non-students and great, kind personalities. No one is quite sure how it formed and what it means. One of my friends speculated that every member has a kind of darkness or mystery and that's why we're all drawn to each other...but it's hard to actually decipher what's going on.

I know that eventually the group will disappear - two of its members are off to 'make it' as musicians in London and others will finish their dissertations and move home to find work. The entire situation is momentary and fleeting and before I understand what it means to me it suddenly won't exist - or it will have taken on an entirely different form. It's all so bizarre - as I write about other people's nostalgia for the '80s music scene in Dunedin I realise that I too am having experiences that will very soon become experiences I am nostalgic for. What this friendship group has also made me realise, however, is the importance of 'the moment' itself. Among the perpetual chaos and noise of life, truly experiencing the moment gives me a brief, beautiful clarity and I am so thankful for that and the people around me who provide this for me.


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