Sunday, August 11

max makes five million

Max is Concerned
Max, why do you have that expression on your face?
What? Where?

Locked Out of My Bedroom
I've blocked you from coming in.

That's funny but it's not serious right? Can you let me in? Okaaay, we've had our laughs. Ha ha. Let me in. Okay I'm going to manipulate you. I'm gonna break the door symbolically  Okay. Loulou - don't open the door. Don't let me in. Don't remove the box blocking the door. Got it? [Starts confusing his reverse psychology tactics] Ugh. I'm just talking to a crack in the door...Well that doesn't make much of a difference because you're butt ugly.

Writing Tips
When writing dialogue, it's so boring to use words like 'said' and 'replied'...and 'squwaffled' [said seriously]. 


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