Tuesday, October 29

summer disappearer

Another year at university is coming to a close and very soon I'll be heading up north to my parents' home where I will spend the summer. My summer plans are vague - I imagine it'll be a very quiet time involving heavy doses of introspection and cyclic thoughts. I will also be thinking about my move to Beijing midway through next year - I am terrified by the idea and exhilarated by it too. Both my summer and my move to Beijing fill me with a deep sense of loneliness but people whom I admire greatly (like James Bertram) have travelled these paths before and have had surreal and inspiring experiences while doing so.

Over the summer Dunedin partially empties due to many of the students returning to their parents' homes. It seems like sunlight and vibrant greens and blues fill the empty spaces that these people leave behind. I often stumble across scenes of unbelievable tranquility - particular to Dunedin - and I will miss that.

Above is a photo I took of my parents' lounge, which they convert into a bedroom for me when my brother and I return home. I often sit late into the night reading and listening through the window to the distorted sounds of the city beyond - cultivating my inner weirdo.

I hope your year is winding down in a pleasant way and you overcome any obstacles you are currently facing!


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