Thursday, October 31

songs in my head and on my mind [4]

I am going through a Sonic Youth binge at the moment - paired with a slight obsession with, and admiration for, Kim Gordon (she is the word "cool" in human form). I particularly love their album Rather Ripped (which I picked up for only $5 at Portil in Dunedin). There are many great songs on the album but I like Incinerate for its unbelievably catchy guitar hook(s)!

Over the past week I have been repeatedly listening to Opposite Sex's self-titled album. Although Halloween doesn't have any substance (except commercial) where I am from, this album is superbly appropriate for the occasion with a perfect balance of exhilarating guitar tangents, disturbing vocals and lyrics and an experimental pop sound which holds it all together. Think rusting theme parks, with over-grown grass and unexplained occurrences in the dead of the night.

Richard's falsetto vocals overlapping the band's increasingly defined sound thoroughly impressed me in their new single Lucky Too. Males' songs have a unique ability to make me feel both strangely sad and the desire to vigorously dance too (and accidentally knock over everything in the process).


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