Tuesday, November 19

max makes eight million

Texts from Max

"There is a big tuna can on the desk with a bunch of coco puffs and a bit of milk and some baitbeans in the cupboard for you to ravish yourself in"

"The shuttle should really pick people at a time according to that person's anxiety level"

"There is an old guy in the back of the shuttle with his ancient, portable radio, listening to a discussion"

Max Observations

"What is hollandaise?" An egg? Why is it listed separately on the menu? Can I order just that?"

"No - that's like ordering just chocolate sauce."

"Well - you can see why I was baffled!"

Serving Encounters

Waiter: May I take your plates?

Max: Have a good day! [It was 10 pm [...this was probably more hilarious at the time...].]


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