Tuesday, December 10

max makes nine million

Dad and Max Collide [Oh the Confusion!]

Dad: Max, you really should get a job.
Max: Look, I've done a Bob search and there are none out there who want me to work for them.


Dad: There's a rope course nearby, you could do that while you're there?
Max: What is a rope course? I'm not a mouse.
Dad: They tie you up and you do obstacles...
Max [excited]: Ohh! And what's at the end?


Dad: Max, I desperately need you to get your act together
Max [mishearing]: Crack? What crack.


Dad: Loulou, can you put the thing onto the thing please?
Max: Wow, that made language, Dad.


Max: Oh woe me. Wait - sorry - I meant: 'Oh woe it's me'...That's what you're like Loulou. Everyday.

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