Saturday, December 7

songs in my head and on my mind [5]

1) Above is Harley Weir's video for the song "No End" by the Finnish musician Jaakko Eino Kalevi. The music is lovely, but it is the faces captured in this video that truly captivate me - so fresh, beautiful and genuinely frustrated.

2) New Look are a husband and wife duo from Canada. They have a purity to their '90s dance sound, which creates - simply put - an incredibly pleasant listening experience.

3) Darkside is a collaboration between Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington. Their first album "Psychic" was released this year in October. After repeated listenings, "Psychic" has established a firm place as one of my favourite albums of 2013. Although 'Heart' is a great song, the album really should be listened to and appreciated as a whole.


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