Wednesday, January 29

the best of laneway 2014


Parquet Courts (album cover)
Summer music festivals are hard work. While there is sun, beer, music, friends there is also hours of standing, crowds, obnoxious individuals, flaws. Laneway, hosted in Auckland's Silo Park, was a combination of both the good and the expected. The band line-up was fantastic and the knowledge  that some of the world's best music acts were lingering around the venue was thrilling in itself. However, what quickly becomes apparent at these festivals is that not every band can capture the crowds - not every band has that unique charisma suited for a big stage in an outside venue. It was only in the late afternoon and early evening that I was blown away by two (almost) perfectly executed sets. The first was by Parquet Courts at the Hey Seuss stage. My friend had spent the morning briefing me on this band - his enthusiasm was infectious and proved completely valid. Parquet Courts were serious, fast and performed with a cool confidence that pulls your attention. The band, barely pausing between each song, created a high intensity, practically seamless, ambiance that left me breathless. Then, later on the same stage, Savages took it to the next level and further. Styled with a sharp elegance (in both their dress and composure) the band performed like a beautiful machine - I have never seen such control (of both music and an audience) before. Singer Jehnny Beth walked to the front of the stage, stared down at the audience with her unwavering, intense eyes and everyone - even those who had never heard of Savages - leaned forward. It was exciting, hypnotic and two days later I am still feeling that Savage-induced buzz.


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