Tuesday, February 4

the flamethrowers

Mid-seventies New York, the manipulative twists of a hungry artist pushing his (or her) art, fast motorbikes, faster love, Fascism and retaliatory activism in Italy, radical politics bubbling beneath every grimy surface - Rachel Kushner's The Flamethrowers is a wonderful articulation of everything that could excite a person.

The Flamethrowers follows the story of a young artist, nicknamed Reno, who moves to New York City after graduating from art school. At first she struggles to find a place within the turbulent stream of fast-paced New York life but, through a chance encounter in a shady bar, she suddenly finds herself plunged deep within the flood. Young and naive, Reno must comb through a lifestyle laden with flowing, competing, clashing histories - to find her own strand of identity, her own rhythm among a crazy orchestra of distracting sounds.


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