Wednesday, May 21

songs in my head and on my mind [9]

1) I haven't done one of these posts in a while but while I worked through a huge amount of flat dishes I listened to Dinosaur Jr's 'Freak Scene' and it felt pretty great.

2) Then - to compliment my teary/tired eyes while I chopped onions - a bit of Pavement's ol' 'Silence Kid' felt just right. Actually, this song always makes me get the kinda sad/good/displaced feels.

3) Now, in the lonely hours, while I feel the pressure of study and notice the bags under my eyes in the mirror behind my laptop, The War on Drug's 'Under the Pressure' is helping me drift away.

4) And if you want to cry and feel things and feel nothing this entire Sparklehorse album will aid your noble cause.


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