Sunday, July 6

access denied

Critic is back for semester two at the University of Otago...and the features (if I do say so myself) are pretty exciting (well, hopefully they are)!

1) Kant, Lies and Polygraphs (by Lucy Hunter). To be called a liar in our culture is a voracious insult. But statistically all but the most scrupulously careful of us tell several lies every day. An American study showed that around 38 per cent of social encounters between college students involve some kind of deception. About 10 per cent of what we say to our partners is untrue. Yet despite its ubiquity lying is largely regarded as a moral transgression. So is it ever ok to lie?

2) ACCess Denied Following the recent conflicting and confused news reports about New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation scheme, I undertook my own investigation. With the aid of Acclaim Otago, I identified several disturbing issues with ACC; expelling the delusion and clarifying the reality of this supposed miracle scheme.

3) Success Without Excess Simon Hoffmann provides a researched account on local and international food waste and gives suggestions on how each of us can minimise this worldwide crisis.


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