Thursday, July 10

children's games

Zara skirt, vintage socks; Bershka shirt, Zara skirt, vintage socks; Juan sweater, Levi’s jeans, Vans sneakers
Zara shirt; Fred Perry shirt; Zara shirt
Bershka shirts, Zara skirts, vintage socks
Diesel shirt, H&M sweater, Bershka skirt, vintage socks, GAL vs BUCK shoes; vintage socks, GAL vs BUCK shoes Levi’s jeans, Vans sneakers
Bershka shirt
Photos: Paula Thomas
Styling: Daniela Rodriguez Giraldo
Makeup and Hair: Ceci Areas
Photo Assistant: Andrés Cardona
Models: Catalina Palencia, Daniel Guana, David Triana, Laura Rodríguez, Margarita Peralta, Maria Villegas, Sara Bluma

I haven't posted a VICE fashion shoot in a while. Here's one with plently of pastel colours and adult children. Photos from here.


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