Thursday, December 24

"merry ho ho ho" and things i'm looking forward to!

MERRY CHRISTMAS so as of the 26th we will be off on our merry way to china. things are a tad hectic (i haven't packed yet)! but the idea of airports and busyness of big cities and hotels is really exciting. and it will be winter in china, and winter is totally the best season for fashion - i mean what does fashion have to offer in summer? it's tshirts and shorts and cotton dresses, but in winter you get layers and layers, lovely knitted cardis, scarves, gloves, boots, oooh lovely! maybe i will change my mind when we reach beijing and its -8 degrees... i should get to packing my woolly tights and dresses and coats now! i love you winter.

things im looking forward to...

christmas morning!

warm christmas lights

christmas feast! at my uncle's big house (in churton park, ugh)

tiramisu! specifically my auntie's christmas tiramisu mmm

listening to lykke li on the plane ride! so i rediscovered her music-this time around i appreciate it a lot more. shes so pretty and swedish and i love her music, its soothing, pretty, and crazy girly, like pink candy. 

looking forward to...maybe finding these tights (LOVE) and this dress under the christmas tree for me? oh wishful thinking.
the 'big city' feeling when we land on china soil!

so... we're off, so long and goodbye!

aps + lou

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  1. oh gorgeous, i love that quote from gone with the wind

  2. your blog is so tantalizing.


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