Thursday, December 17


very soon i'm off to my family's bach on a sweet ol' place called Great Barrier Island. i can still watch our little blog but at a dial-up internet pace because out there, we get rural and historic with it as we live off our solar panels and wind turbine for electricity...there have been many times where the lights suddenly cut out and the rest of our evening is spent in gorgeous candle light. My reccommendation for you, is to try your own candle lit evenings with a group of close friends...anywhoo hopefully I'll be blogging but there may just be a little less Lou.

 have a lovely holiday and some factory advice lot #378: fight all your battles with love and flowers.

P.S. today in 1892 the nutcracker ballet first premiered, oh love. i not only wish i was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair, but also a nutcracker ballet fairy dancer.

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