Tuesday, August 24

This is an ANGRY post.

Here's a list of things that are getting me down, making me feel like I am choking on torn up paper

-social networking sites
-people sucking up to each other on these social networking sites
-people who do the above and never actually talk to the person in real life
-loud irrelevant and constant sounds
-my brother when he has just woken up
-rooms that are so hot they give you headaches
-people who forget you
-people who think you are worth forgetting
-believing that you are worth forgetting
-people who just don't care

Luckily the thing I lost was returned, the cafe called 'Offbeat' was holding it for me. Luckily you can turn things off. Luckily when someone disappoints you, all you need to do is think of them picking their nose and you feel better. Luckily there are organisations like the Red Cross. Luckily I have parents that always tell me I am cool, even when I sneeze peppermint pieces from my nose (I did that yesterday actually).

And now for something completely different:

Sometimes to feel better, you need a bit of irrelevancy.



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