Thursday, October 28

I Get Woody for Allen

Ha! How inappropriate of me.
I just want to quickly blog about Woody Allen who's films are wonderfully hilarious and interesting and stylish. I am using his film, 'Sleeper' for my scholarship media exam and although I've seen it a few times now I want to re-blog some of the brilliant screen shots from this sci-fi (kinda dystopian parody) film. Although when deeply analysing his films I sometimes think Allen comes across as quite sexist and totally egocentric but maybe that's WHATEVER that's just comedy or irony or the world for you. Anyway, SO many films will reference his work or him directly and his one liners are often delicious...OH THE RAMBLING, MAKE IT STOP.
Here are some pictures for you to eat:




This film made Charles Deaton's architecture famous (and if this is a lie/totally unsupported statement then it made it known to me so there). I personally like it...kind of. At least it's something not hideously over modernist-starlinist (if that even exist..yeah it does...It looks like my school.)


Yum, yum, yum
Stop me now.

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