Saturday, October 16

Karen Walker's Top Shop opening

Hi there!
Aps and I were invited to the V.I.P. opening of TOPSHOP in KAREN WALKER. It was a morning event and there were cool people, croissants, juice, gorgeous clothes and Karen herself was there! So why is there suddenly Topshop in Wellington? Karen was only selling Topshop in her Auckland stores but because of its popularity she decided to also bring some of their clothes to her Wellington store. (Read this article to find out more.)

Only this weekend will the entire store be filled with Topshop, so if you're in Wellington get in quick maan! I purchased some wonderful harem trousers and I couldn't be more pleased with how they look on.  

Check out the photos Aps and I took there! Plus spot the good ol' 'celebrity and biggest fans with cheesy grins' photo. (We just couldn't resist)...

Aren't these clothes and shoes simply desirable? Juice and croissants anyone? If you're in Wellington, get to the store asap! Go! Go! Go!


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  1. i am in LOVE with a the blue white shoes in the middle of your ninth photo!!!!! LUCKY things. i am extremely extremely jealous


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