Saturday, November 6

Chin up

Flower power and all that today. I finally handed in my last ever painting portfolio. The art room was so cute (I'm sorry, 'cute' is the only way to say it) to be in, with everyone rushing around, helping each other out so everyone finished on time and could officially hand in their folios.


If anyone is interested here are some photos of my folio! I awkwardly had to carry several bags plus this huge A1 thing on the public bus (it's hard for me because I have short arms okay!), so I couldn't bring my camera to school sooo these photos aren't the best but I just wanted to show you all, dearest ghost audience. I started this in about feb, with ideas about science fiction and daydreams but turned it hectic crazy. There's no real ideal way to take in the art portfolios because of the way we have to present it - all these individual works shoved onto 3 boards, but it is supposed to be read like a book, left to right, top to bottom (sort of).

Hope you had a good and happy Guy Fawkes day

xx aps


  1. freakin' awesome paintings!

  2. April! Good job. Your portfolio is mucho cool. I like the 2nd one especially.


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