Saturday, November 6

Twenty two and chocolate cake

Today is my sister's 22nd birthday and I totally forgot until yesterday after school. Because I have been painting my art portfolio stuff all this time up till yesterday I didn't have anytime to do anything special, so I quickly printed off a photo I took of her on her graduation at school, took one of the frames off the wall (it was my certificate of Distinction in the Australian Writing Competition heh), and put her photo in it, wrapped it, and gave it to her. She never noticed. Ha ha, ha. I ultimate sneaky.
Anywaaaay this post was supposed to be just about the cake I made today. Just because this is the prettiest cake I have ever made. Ever. It's got four layers too.

aps x

PS. I know the title 'twenty two and chocolate cake' doesn't make much sense and I sound a little uneducated...but I wanted a rhyming title and I thought for ages and couldn't come up with anything witty. Let's pretend 'two' and 'cake' rhyme?

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