Tuesday, November 9

Goodbye from our Chinese Teacher

Quick Note: April and I have been in the same Chinese class for five years now and had so many GOOD TIME. This little note was sent by our teacher to each of the students and it made me giggle but also feel a pang in my hearty heart.
This is from a teacher who did aerobics at the back of the classroom and liked talking about our boyfriends.

Hi Girls,

The sun is shining today, I think we all feel healthier and happier when that happens. It actually feels like summer. However, it's a bit sad for me as you all are leaving school today and I am going to miss you all.

It’s a pleasure to tell you: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being with you over the past years in our friendly, supportive and cooperative learning environment. I know you all love 305. :-)

Thank you, my lovely girls, for your friendship and nice smile to me. Hope to see you around. Good luck for your exams.

Take care of yourselves - I think each of you are awesome, and I have loved getting to know each of you !! Please say 'hi' over the road :) If I have forgotten someone, ... I'll feel terrible!!

Stay in touch!

Love from Ms. Wang

Here's to you Ms Wang:


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