Monday, November 8

Much Love Monday

Oh haaaaai gurls and boooois.
Well the last few days have been pretty outstanding(ly diverse in interestingness). I've been up in the bulked-sized-industrial place that no-one really goes, Hamilton, for my grandpa's 80th. It was lovely chilling with the family and stuff and my cousins are pretty rad. One has a model girlfriend moving to New York and is passionately into his design and photography work. Another studies Law and Journalism while at the same time working at Vice Magazine Sydney (which only had 5 people. Also the version we get here is actually 'sample' size compared to the beautiful New York edition). She also works at one of Sydney's coolest boutique stores (Kanye West visited it the other week and he used the word 'dayuum'. Ohh Kanye yew so wack. Yew SO Kanye.)
Alors, the first thing I love today are cool cousins/family members.

The second thing is New Plymouth's Govett Brewster Gallery. It's MAGNIFICENT QUALITY (esp. for something in New Plymouth haw haw). There was this beautifully displayed video exhibition set up (artist: Alex Monteith). It was called 'Accelerated Geographies' and it was superb but menacing too. We even had to wear ear muffs inside because it was deafeningly loud. MAMMA MIA! The artist is a New Zealander and teaches at The University of Auckland something something FINE ARTS. On viewing it one encounters real-time speed, slowness, endurance and performance...It was goood BUT also something I couldn't handle for toooo long.

The third thing I love is the fact that now I'm a (semi) published artiste. HAAR. Actually a photo I took for this photography course I did was in our city's paper which was cuuute. I felt slightly chuffed.

Hehe my picture is the BLUE ONE WITH THE SHADOW. Yeh. Staaaay cool studs.

Finally, today was me and Ap's last day of school EVER (apart from various exams and assemblies). There were crazy school pranks set up (fake murder scenes etc) and I particularly LOVED the mass prank where at exactly 12.35pm a ominous droning noise sounded from the courts and all the year 13s walked like zombies to the source of this noise. Then for 5 minutes we all just stared at the sky. Music suddenly burst out of somewhere and the zombies started raving. Finally EVERYONE stopped and walked away like NOTHING had happened. Tehe. People were SO confused. Oh also I LOVED seeing Ap's portfolio set up in her school exhibition aaand I got a flower from the school librarians. Lawwwl. GEEK.

So there's much to love and much to be wary of I guess. This is a VERY busy time for April and I but we still want you to know that we lush lush you and hope you are lush lushing life too!



P.S. in the first picture is a little pic of my twin bro who my bf said looks like mini Andy Warhol. The other photo is maniac me (little version of course).

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