Monday, November 15

Much Love Monday

photo from much love
I nearly forgot it was my turn for much love monday! But anyway here it is. It all started when I was looking through my file of my photography on my computer the other day and I realised I had absolutely forgotten the wonders of old-school film. These photos are from a roll of expired film I shot this time last year using my dad's old SLR. I got the negatives developed, then scanned them onto the computer using my school photography's negative scanner. Taking photos with manual SLRs are a bit confusing at times, having to get the right lighting etc, but it demands so much more appreciation when you have to wait a few weeks or so before you get to see what the first photo turned out like, rather than just instantly on a digital SLR. So that's what I love today. I am totally inspired to shoot another roll of film this summer (I stopped because it draiiins your money with developing costs etc.)
BTW. the colours are crazy because of a combination of expired chemicals in the film (and photoshop).

What do you love today?

xx aps


  1. I love your blog! I am also loving the weather today, it's overcast but it is just so relaxing. xx

  2. I came across you blog from "Much Love Monday"

    I love all these "old fashioned" pictures, they have a really interested feel to them. Thanks for sharing.


  3. who's the guy in the photo with patrick? i have wondered this since the dawn of time.

  4. dylan johnston something rahter. goes to high.

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