Monday, November 29

Wellington Shopping

Heey everybody!

A couple of days ago I got up to a few mini adventures that I was going to blog about but the computer EXPLODED (not really) and the whole post I did was lost, so here is me trying again. On Saturday our family purchased an updated 'family ipod'. It is the new nano one (ULTRA cute and TOUCH screen) but due to its size I feel like it could go missing in the blink of an eye. Actually it is SO small that you could be starring at it for hours and not realise. Yeah that's right. I also got to fill up with my absolute favourite real-deal hot chocolate (I had been CRAVING it for months). Later that day I checked out City Gallery and to my great surprise the jeweller, (who now lives in Wellington) Karl Fritsch, his work was on display although, personally, I preferred the smaller Hamish McKay exhibition. The whole time I was thinking, 'Wow, I blogged about this artist in September and now he is at Wellington's main art gallery...Prediction!' Proof:

We also stopped by the new Superette store and I just had to roll my eyes when the shop assistants already new my mum's name. Mum and I love going to the Auckland Superette so it was pretty exciting to see it here. Finally we checked in to Area 51 to restock the wardrobe basics (think grey tshirts etc). On a side note, Karen Walker has Kate Moss' Topshop line in so get in quick for some fairly cheap buys but WARNING you, a lot of Moss' clothes reflect her own model lifestyle (semi-extravagant and ultra party woman) so they would suit some and not others if ya know what I mean.

Auckland Superette:

Wellington Superette:

My fantastically creative collage (but not really haw haw):

(Huffer is cool but not an absolute favourite of mine but woo support NZ brands!)



  1. Did you see the Terrence Koh sculpture? You blogged him a while ago.

  2. Funnily enough no I didn't but I have looked at the exhibition. Which one was it?


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