Monday, January 10

Much love monday

Happy much love monday!

We've been really slack with much love monday recently but here is today's:

Today/for a long time I love and envy the all girl band The Like for their retro rock music and style. I love the photos James D. Kelly has, on his blog has gorgeous black and white photos of celebs and of the girls from The Like, and some especially of pretty organ player Annie Monroe of The Like.


I really love polka-dots toooo. A few photos of a skirt I made recently. If you remember I had that fabric which I had planned to make a skirt of anyway, but I came across that photo of Annie in a polka-dot skirt and since she's my new idol/girl-crush I made it inspired/just like her's. Oh she's so pretty. 
I also (only this once, slightly materialistic-ly) love macs.
This is my desk at the moment. Yes, I now have a macbook pro for university. Yaayyyyyyyyyyyyy maaaacsss.


Sorry about the rant. What do you love today?

aps xx

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