Wednesday, July 27

market day


In the few days of semester break Lou and I were both in Dunedin, we took a few days to explore the little city, gather materials, and release some pent up creative output. Last year we had Vespa, and I did painting everyday at school, but at uni it's been a little different in terms of finding ways to be creative while not procrastinating from studying, if that makes sense. Anyway, Lou's been not only writing things a lot, but also drawing things a lot, so we decided to collaborate again and made some fun  watercolour illustrations. By the end of the day my room was a huge mess, but we had a finished group of eclectic people dressed up in colourful and quirky outfits.
Our project was to make a little stall of the framed watercolours and my vinyl clocks (the ones I have sometimes in my shop) at the monthly market here, and even if we didn't sell things we could say we had fun trying. It was windy and freeeeezing but there was music, cool clothes, and we did sell quite a few of our drawings. We also talked to some people who were pretty positive about our stuff. Even through our frozen toes/fingers/face, I felt a little bit of that warm-fuzziness you get from selling your own creations.


aps xx

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