Thursday, September 22

a perfect week of art

When assignments wear you down what is a better distraction than Art Week? This week OUSA organised art related events all week which have been wonderful (and free) to be apart of. From badge making, installations and tye die during the day to events every night, it has been lovely. Particular highlights for me included the writer and artist speed date on Tuesday and the gallery crawl around Dunedin on Wednesday night. I have meet so many artists this week and feel like I will continue to see them around and become closer in a professional and friendly way. I am pretty excited about the work of one artist I met and hopefully will be able to write for her sometime. Above are a few photos from the gallery crawl a.k.a 'White Night'. The top photo is of Glue Gallery which is SO up my alley. Like Frankie Mag. cuteness? LOVE this place. The next and last photo is Blue Oyster. The third photo is Rice and Beans which is in a wonderful building filled with artist studios, a gay sauna and seemingly lots of cardboard!

P.S. I met an AWESOME poet this week called David Merritt. I bought his hand made poetry books in a collection of 4 for my Dad's birthday. Both my Dad and David are fabulous, fabulous people.



  1. i was there too - funny! x georgi

  2. i was there too - funny! x georgi

  3. Are you Georgi as in Blue Oyster Volunteer Georgi??

    If YES it's me Loulou!



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