Sunday, November 13

what is sandy wearing: nom, nom, nom*d

The other day mummy a.k.a. Sandy, took up half a page in the paper talking about fashion. Her love for style and her success in being in-the-know is undeniable. This morning I was mulling over this thoughts and it came to me, why not have a string of what Sandy is wearing posts (especially while I am back home in the Uni holidays)? So, here we go.

Sunday: Sandy is wearing a Martin Margiela blouse (with its token ambiguous white stitched label) and a Nom*d skirt which is made up of vintage scarves (idea alert for any creative things out there!). Her little feet are wrapped by Lanvin sandals (I wish I had a pair...). To complete this fashion assemblage Sandy wears simple and always beautiful pearls given to her by a close friend.

The overall look is Summery elegance; it is a bouquet of flowers to brighten this city's addiction with the non-colour black.


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