Monday, October 13

knock out

The final issue of Critic for 2014 is out now and up online! It has been an exciting and engaging year working at Critic and I couldn't thank the team enough for such a dynamic, intelligent and supportive experience. I also want to congratulate them for winning the big awards of "Best Publication" and "Best Design" at the 2014 Aotearoa Student Press Awards. I am also delighted by Lucy Hunter's win for "Best Feature" for her outstanding piece "Why I Hate Psychics." My wonderful friend, Daniel Blackball, won "Best Illustration" too. And it was very lovely to hear that I received the award of "Best Feature Writer." If you're curious about all the results, you can find the press release on the Awards here.



  1. Hey,
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  2. Wow who wrote "Residential Halls, Paper Thin Walls and jerking Your Balls ?" Sounds like that writer should of won some super title too - crack up!


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