Sunday, October 5

return to beneath the shadow

Illustration for my last Critic feature "Return to Beneath the Shadow" by Dan Blackball.
1) Return to Beneath the Shadow by myself! Here is my last feature for Critic this year and potentially forever. It reads as a thought diary (uh oh) of my move from New Zealand to China. As always, take a look or not! And, also, if anyone reading this can pay me money to continue to write, you'd most likely be lying or you'd be some kind of magical creature and I'd be incredibly interested.

2) Hikikomori by Kate Stewart One day, overwrought with pressure from his school and family, Haruki shut himself in his shoebox-sized room, severed all contact with the outside world, and did not emerge for nine years. His only human interaction was mediated through the Internet. He spent month after month sleeping all day and slouching in front of a computer at night, devoting the majority of his time to searching the web, playing video games and anime.

3) The Mapuche: The People of the Land and Their Struggle to Retain It by Bella Macdonald Sharing their home with a six billion dollar timber industry, the Mapuche people of Aracaunia are the poorest in Chile. After centuries of land wars and inequality, the Mapuches, meaning “people of the land,” are beginning to break the silence, uniting to fight to get their land back and get the same rights and privileges as non-Mapuches.


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