Friday, December 18

vintage hunt and do-si-do

we scoured the local city garage sale for a similar vintage coaster thrill(finding things are life's small wonders), oh but to no avail. although we did see some amazing retro lamps, old encyclopaedias and the cutest knick knacks. the small shop/garage was brimming with stuff and it makes me wonder - how on earth is it even possible for this one man to keep so much STUFF??

there was also an impressive array of jewellery pieces tacked to a pin board, which made it overwhelming to look at, but lou spotted this gorgeous gold chain necklace with a sort of badge charm. totally like the little preppy school girl badge fad from a while ago.

i saw this great tutorial here for a do-si-do book, and made one in the wee early hours out of spontaneousity... and boredom. (i love those etsy how-tos). i made my signatures (covers) from some wood patterned contact paper and an old vinyl record cover.

oh im quite happy with it, its super impressive when on one side you can draw like in a sketchpad, then magically flip the book over to write like in a notepad.
aps xx


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